Oshki-Giizhig Inc.

Oshki-Giizhig is an indigenous-based, non-profit initiative which provides support services in the community. 

Many youth and adults living with FASD and other disorders also face multiple unsafe situations and are often victimized or exploited.  More importantly, they all have strengths, abilities and advantages which are mostly undiscovered or underestimated. 

Indigenous values and traditional teachings can contribute to a restorative environment conducive to support and dignity.

Oshki-Giizhig (Ojibwe): new day



715 Main St. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

email: info@oshki-giizhig.org


Photo courtesy of Jamie Morfoot


A healthy community built on indigenous journeys towards wellness.

This indigenous-based organization will walk beside, advocate and support people affected by FASD and or other disorders. Strengthened by cultural practices and traditional teachings, support will assist in restoring balance to individuals and the community affected by trauma and violence.