Dedicated & Professional

Our Team through traditions & culture will deliver meaningful and positive experiences in all our programs & our services.

At Oshki-Giizhig, our team strives to provide the at most exceptional services to all clients and to have a positive impact on their lives through the delivery of our programs.


Eric Friesen
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Grant Duncan
Co-Founder & Program Manager

Murray Payette
Intake and Service Needs Manager

Patricia Thaddeus
Walking Stick Community Supports Coordinator

Jenny Jiang
Finance Manager

Taylor Bell
Office Manager

Pooja Sigauke
Community Relations & Executive Assistant

Tammy Roulette
Payroll Clerk

Danielle Dnistransky
Case Manager

Nadine Mcleod
Case Manager

Lindsay Campbell
Case Manager

Mark Granger
Case Manager

Brady Butterfield
Case Manager

Adam Harris
Wiigiwaam Housing Supports Coordinator

Jaime Grasby
Cultural & Day Services Manager

Lorrie Chartrand
Case Manager

Vanessa Koch
Case Manager

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