Oshki-Giizhig Inc.

Services offered by Oshki-Giizhig are specifically developed to accommodate participants and to provide supports depending on their circumstances. Services are wholistic and seek to enhance physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness.  Services can help with: 

- Maintaining healthy relationships
- Securing safe housing
- Acquiring income and assisting with finances
- Navigating and understanding justice system
- Environmental accommodations
- Assisting with basic and medical needs
- Supporting reconciliation when conflict arises

We are currently accepting referrals for the Walking Stick Community Supports Program.  

Oshki-Giizhig (Ojibwe): new day


Walking Stick

Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Lives in Winnipeg
  • 16 years of age or older
  • A diagnosis of FAS, pFAS, ARND or documented history of probable prenatal exposure to alcohol.
  • Other mental health or co-occurring issues
  • Eligible for government funded supports

715 Main St., Winnipeg, Manitoba

email: info@oshki-giizhig.org


Photo courtesy of Jamie Morfoot